Programs & Instruction First Tee - Troup County Learning Center is located behind the Troup County Parks and Recreation Center at 1220 LaFayette Parkway. You will see signs as soon as you pull into the Recreation Center on the left. PLAYer Level (Ages 7-18) - PLAYer level is for any child that has never taken First Tee classes.  Every child must start off in PLAYer unless they have previously taken this class. The PLAYer Level helps establish the foundation for young people to become life-long PLAYers of the game. The participants will learn how to Play, Learn, Appreciate the golf skills and the life skills incorporated in each lesson Par Level (Ages 7-18) - Open to any child who has passed PLAYer level.   The main focus of the Par Level is to assist participants in acquiring several self-management techniques that will help them in managing their thoughts, emotions and behaviors in order to perform at their best on and off the golf course Birdie Level (Ages 7-18) - Open to any child who has passed Par Level. Birdie level focuses on identifying personal goals and ways to reach these personal goals.  Target Class (Ages 5-6) - Open to any child ages 5-6 years old. The participants will learn Take aim, Anyone can play, Respect, Golf is a game, Enjoy yourself, Try it and the life skills incorporated in each lesson. ***First Tee supplies all equipment for programming if needed.